.308 147gr 41 Linked Belt 200 Rnds : Lake Martin Machine Gun

.308 147gr 41 Linked Belt 200 Rnds

Product Code:308-LINKED-M60-200-TRACER


Linked 7.62x51 Ammo for M60/M240Bullet Type: FMJ, Full Metal JacketBullet Weight: 147 grBullet Jacket: CopperTracer Color: Red/OrangeCase: Brass Powder: Non-CorrosivePrimer: Boxer Non-CorrosiveAmount: 200 rounds 4:1 tracer linked for the M60/M240Metal machine gun links are considered "feeding devices" so if your state has a magazine capacity restriction, we cannot ship links of any quantity as they could easily be made into capacities over the limit. 
7.62X51 Linked in M13 Links. Great for M60's and M240's and if your blessed enough to own a Mini Gun!

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